Rene Furterer Hair Products Carmel

We carry a lot of these products in the salon as well.

La Coiffure Salon carries Rene Furterer Paris hair products for Carmel clients.

What makes Rene Furterer special?  Only 100% pure plant extracts and essential oils are used.

Your hair is diagnosed and the correct products are recommended.

Fine, Limp Hair

Volumea | Natural carob extract adheres to the hair shaft, naturally creating volume

Unruly Hair

Myrrhea | Avocado oil nourishes; myrrh extract coats and smooths hair

Dry Hair

Karite | Restructures and revitalizes

Carthame | Moisturizes and softens

Oily Hair

Curbicia | Re-balances and deep cleans hair

Irritated Scalp

Astera | Quickly soothes the scalp

Dandruff or Flaky Scalp

Melaleuca | Soothing; for both oily and dry dandruff and itchy scalp problems

Hereditary Hair Loss

Triphasic | Slows hair loss; stimulates re-growth of hair | Mostly male hair loss treatment

Reactional Hair Loss

RF 80 | Post-partum, fatigue, and stress-related hair loss

Hair Color Protection

Okara Protect Color

Beautifying Treatment


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